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what makes the best DIY face covering?

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what makes the best DIY face covering?


Once I had marked out the measurements, the actual making of the mask wasn’t too tricky. The cheap cotton proved an excellent choice for cutting, and after a few minutes of chopping between my marked dots (the government forgot to mention you may also need a ballpoint pen too), I was left with an enormous rectangle and two straps. I searched for a final step in the instructions, then realised I already had the finished product. 

Oh well, if it’s good enough for the government, it must be good enough for me. I held it to my face – and was immediately engulfed in the white fabric. The T-shirt material was breathable and comfortable, but the sheer size of the thing made me feel swamped. I tried again, altering the measurements and got a slightly smaller result, but I still felt like an extra in a slasher flick. I’m not sure I’d want to wear this out in public.

In total, the two attempts took me half an hour, and while the material felt luxurious, I think in this case my vanity prevailed. 

Difficulty level: intermediate

Comfort level: 8/10 (Egyptian cotton would add an extra luxurious touch)

Time: 5/10

Style factor: 2/10


The sock mask

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