Home Office Feng Shui: Finding The Perfect Arrangement

Home Office Arrangement
Feng Shui is becoming very popular. Here are some quick home office feng shui tips.

Feng shui is the ancient art of arrangement and color usage that is presumed to promote balance and the flow of energy in a given space.

Even if you don’t believe in the philosophy of feng shui, applying some of the basic principles of this practice to your home office can help you operate your virtual corporation more efficiently—and may make it a pleasant place to spend the better part of your day.


Situate your home office as close to the front door of your house as possible. If you can avoid it, do not locate your office in the basement—the first floor or higher is preferable, because energy flows upward. Basement offices can be painted white, with bright lighting and a fan installed to promote energy flow (or just to make you feel happier).

Desk placement

Position your desk so that you are facing the entrance to the room, with your back toward the wall or a corner. Even outside of feng shui considerations, sitting with your back to the door is disruptive because you won’t know who is coming in to the room. If there are windows in your office room, try to place your desk so the window is to your left if you’re right-handed, and to your right if you’re left-handed. Never position your desk in the center of the room.

Color scheme

Feng shui recommendations for color in the home office vary according to your company’s goals. If your business relies on selling or making deals, the aggressive red is a good choice. Yellow promotes discipline and stimulates mental activity and clarity of thought—a solid color scheme for any home office. Warm colors such as orange and tan represent collaboration and cooperation. This is an excellent option for offices with more than one team member. For writing and other creative business endeavors, consider blue-green, which is soothing and promotes creativity.


How to Choose the Perfect Furnishings for Your Home

How to choose home furnishings

While purchasing your dream home is an exciting experience, furnishing it can get seriously stressful. Most beautiful spaces are balanced, proportionate, harmonious and are tailored to the people who live in it. When it comes to designing a space that works for you, some simple building blocks are required to make that happen.

Read on for ideas and shopping basics that will help you make the right decisions as you furnish your dream space.
Get Inspired

Make the most out of design blogs, Pinterest or apps to get inspiration for your space. Not only will they allow you to tour beautiful homes around the world, but you can search spaces based on your specific design style. It’s never been easier to piece together the elements you want and need in your home.

Set the Mood

Before you start shopping, think about the atmosphere you want to create in your space. From a specific color palette to a particular vibe, it’s key to hone in on the overall feeling you want in your home before you start shopping. Our advice? Craft up the kind of space that you’ll love to spend time in after a long day. Whether it’s a beachy retreat or a Moroccan-inspired sanctuary, it should do one thing: make you feel at home.

Believe in Balance

Getting out of your comfort zone can be hard, but it’s almost essential when it comes to your living space. Opt for a balance of old and new, classic and modern, dark and light or matte and shiny. Don’t be afraid to pair that old antique rug with a modern sofa, style organic linen sheets with a printed duvet cover or add some striking pops of color to an all-white room. Selecting pieces that are too similar to one another will result in a boring room (and who wants that?). Your home should boast pieces that will not only stand out, but create conversation, too.

Light it Up

Once you’ve selected the foundation pieces of your space, scour your favorite design sites for unique overhead and wall lighting. If you were stuck with apartment lighting before this, now you can choose the lighting you want for an extra dose of personality. An eye-catching fixture will make a serious impact—trust us.

Invest in A Few Great Rugs

Rugs are a surefire way to add personality and texture to a room. Cover hard flooring with a large fiber rug, or layer a classic style under something vibrant and patterned to liven things up. To put it simply, a rug is our favorite way to add charm, elegance, and a personal touch to both large and small spaces.

Wait to Accessorize

Hold off on the accessories until you’ve formed the building blocks of your space. Once you’ve got the basics (i.e., a couch, dining table, chairs, rugs), it’s easier to add the extras to tie it all together. See things you like? Take notes and stay inspired. Just wait to make those final additions till the end.