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Somali- How a DIY nation has made it this far

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Somali- How a DIY nation has made it this far


(MENAFN – Somali Land Sun)
Hassan Mohamed Ali, Somaliland’s Minister of Planning and National Development, says Somaliland’s lack of international recognition has been a blessing in disguise for its development. ‘We didn’t have help [from the global community], so we were forced to develop our own homegrown system,” he says. WHY WE WROTE THIS ‘Going it alone’ may mean one thing to nationalist leaders aiming to buck the international status quo. But for leaders of self-declared states that yearn for global recognition, the path to self-sufficiency looks very different. Part 8 in our global series ‘Navigating Uncertainty.’

Hassan Mohamed Ali is asked the same question about his homeland so often that he has it printed on the back of his business card.

‘Where in the world is Somaliland?’ the text reads, beside a map showing the location of the self-declared state in the Horn of Africa.

That is the trouble with being the minister of planning and national development for a country that technically doesn’t exist. Most people don’t even know where to find you.

Click the link https://www.csmonitor.com/World/Africa/2020/0526/How-a-DIY-nation-has-made-it-this-far


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