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DIY Brands & Retailers Likely To Have Strong Sales This Holiday Season

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DIY Brands & Retailers Likely To Have Strong Sales This Holiday Season


The pandemic has introduced several new shopping behaviors among consumers, with many do it yourself (DIY) projects landing at the top of the popular trends list. “DIY creativity is at an all-time high. People, brands and everyone are so starving for human interaction that the content we’re seeing now is a little more honest, a little more direct, a little more personal and human,” said TJ Leonard, CEO of stock media company Storyblocks.

As we enter into the final months of 2020 and the holiday season, brands and retailers are preparing for a different kind of holiday shopping experience, as they expand and invest in DIY offerings. From hardware stores to craft suppliers to major beauty brands, the rise of DIYers and growing desire for DIY options is trickling into the winter months, with consumers straying from experiential gifts and gravitating toward more thoughtful, relevant options.

Home Depot Taps Pinterest To Promote Thoughtful, Homemade Gifts For The Holidays

Home Depot shared its plans to adjust its 2020 holiday strategy in order to fit the needs and habits of today’s pandemic-friendly, DIY-loving consumer.

With many shoppers relying on Home Depot over the years for their holiday décor and similar festive needs, the home improvement retailer is expanding its holiday offerings by collaborating with Pinterest to encourage consumers to create “meaningful homemade gifts” this year. Home Depot also announced it will offer Black Friday specials for nearly two months and share holiday promotions on its mobile app. 

Home Depot is capitalizing on the momentum it has experienced since the start of the pandemic and simultaneous DIY boom in an effort to continue its upward trajectory throughout this uncertain holiday season. Home Depot reported a major spike in revenue, with digital sales doubling during Q2, average purchases for consumers jumping 10% year over year and in-store shopping increasing by 25%.

Michaels Invests In Experiential Stores For DIY Shoppers

Michaels craft store expanded its already significant DIY offerings by opening two additional “test and learn concept stores” in an effort to give DIYers or “makers,” as the retailer calls them, a more interactive shopping experience. 

Each of the Michaels concept stores features “trend hubs,” where shoppers can physically feel and test out any product – from markers to craft kits – before purchasing. Additionally, each store will contain a new feature called the “maker space,” where makers can participate in classes, follow along on screens to virtual crafting lessons and more.

“At Michaels, we are here for the maker, and the launch of our new concept stores is another way we are creating a more immersive and impactful experience for them,” says Ron Stoupa, Michaels Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We are committed to testing and learning all we can around the wants and needs of our customers so we can provide the most engaging store experience.”

Walmart Dives Deeper Into The DIY Scene Through Network Partnerships

Walmart recently partnered with Discovery and the HGTV network for a new series, “Design At Your Door,” which follows home makeovers taking place during the pandemic. Each episode features products from Walmart’s home goods line and shows the products used throughout the home improvement process. The Walmart/HGTV collaboration will also highlight Walmart’s products on Discovery’s social channels and “shoppable articles” on the HGTV website. “We felt there was a great opportunity to show how people could shop from home, safely and contact-free, without having to compromise on price, style and assortment,” said Jill Toscano, Walmart’s Vice President of Media.

For Walmart, partnering with a DIY giant like HGTV positions the retailer in front of a massive audience that is actively seeking DIY projects and potential purchases. And, with the holiday season looming, joining forces with the “Design At Your Door” series proves Walmart’s ability to quickly pivot in order to spotlight the products consumers are gravitating toward ahead of one of the busiest shopping seasons.

Beauty Brands Continue To Capitalize On The DIY Boom

Since the start of the pandemic, beauty brands have seen an increased use of Pinterest among consumers searching for products related to “wellness, self-care and DIY beauty treatment,” causing major brands like L’Oréal and Aveda to expand their activity on the platform. “97% of searches on the platform [Pinterest] are unbranded. That [un-branded searches on Pinterest] allows brands to play into inspirational and trend-driven content, such as seasonal looks, that might not get as much engagement on other platforms,” said Rachel Goodman, Head of Beauty Partnerships at Pinterest.

Throughout Q2 and into Q3, popular beauty brand Butter London saw an 80% spike in sales, which, according to the brand’s General Manager Julie Campbell, is due entirely to the increased interest in DIY manicures. (At-home nail care experienced a jump in sales for the first time in five years during the start of the pandemic.) “What we’re seeing is people are coming into the brand [Butter London], in particular for treatments and treatment kits,” said Campbell. “We are seeing our largest growth segment in the age range of 25-34 — people who grew up going to nail salons. They love their gel or SNS powder manicures, and realize they have to take this into their own hands now.”

As a result of increased consumer demand, Butter London added additional DIY options and information across its social media channels and increased its ad spend “through Google keywords like ‘at-home gel manicure’ and ‘nail treatment.’”

The holidays will inevitably look different this year, meaning brands and retailers must be able to quickly pivot to meet consumers’ evolving habits and demands. Trends like the popularity of DIY options have remained on a steady uphill climb, with all signs pointing to the DIY-craze significantly impacting purchase behavior during this year’s holiday shopping season. In order to remain competitive during a peak spending period, brands and retailers must alter their traditional holiday offerings to reflect consumers’ growing desire for DIY products. 

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