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Julia Jacklin releases ‘baby jesus is nobody’s baby now’

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Julia Jacklin releases ‘baby jesus is nobody’s baby now’


Penned last year during the bushfires in Australia when she couldn’t get home to her family, Julia Jacklin has released new song ‘baby jesus is nobody’s baby now’.

“2019 was a pretty rough one for my family,” she explains. “I was touring the whole year carrying a lot of guilt for not being able to be at home. Singing super sad songs every night was a blessing and a curse depending on the day. I was imagining Christmas as being this time where we all came together again and took a collective breath but then the bushfires hit and my family live in the country so it was a direct threat. I was living in Melbourne, still pretty new to it, and wasn’t able to go home, the roads were blocked and my family were being evacuated periodically for a month. At one point Melbourne was blanketed in smoke from the fires, the sun was this menacing red, it felt apocalyptic and pretty hopeless. I wrote this in my room looking forward to 2020, hoping it would be a reset of some kind lol.”

Listen now below.

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