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This Guy Built the World’s Quietest DIY PC

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This Guy Built the World’s Quietest DIY PC


This PC has a silent cooling mechanism inspired by a pair of bellows.


When you have a high-end PC, you expect it to be noisy. Running the latest processor and graphics card with a massive PSU will cause your fans to make a racket. This is especially true when you’re at max load. Short of placing your PC in another room, it’s nearly impossible to use a powerful CPU silently. However, one popular YouTube DIYer rose to the challenge. He built a silent cooling mechanism that works to keep his gaming rig’s temps in check.

Who Built It

Matthew Perks is the craftsman behind the project. He specializes in creating tech DIY projects. He also recycles old electronics to give them a new lease on life. You can find his work on his channel, DIY Perks.

How It Started

One Year Later

DIY Perks quietest-DIY PC CPU build

After over a year, Matthew got to building the computer he will use his fan with. It runs an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU and a Zotac RTX 3080 GPU, with two 32GB Crucial Ballistix 3600MHz RAM sticks. It’s powered by a passive PSU, ensuring that no fan noise is introduced in his build. However, as he attempted to install the PC to the fan, he broke his original creation. This necessitated a couple of additional steps in the building process. At first, the issue seemed hopeless. But he eventually saved it through ingenuity and some chemistry. After all the effort, Matthew created a computer that makes almost no sound. Even when running at full power, you can barely hear the noises his system makes. Now if your laptop has a noisy fan, but you don’t want to build something like this, check out some of the things you can do to solve it.

The Result

Temperature record passmark for quietest DIY PC

To test the effectiveness of his creation, Matthew ran Prime95 to stress-test the processor. The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X generates a lot of heat as the program maximizes its power. The hottest temperature recorded was 60°C (140°F) at full load. That’s an excellent result considering his cooling solution is DIY. He also launched PassMark to benchmark the 3080 video card. The max temperature recorded was 62°C (143.6°F). These are almost the same as the processor, even though GPUs tend to run hotter. Better yet, these results are impressive for a single radiator cooling system!

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