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5 Cool DIY Projects for Tech Enthusiasts – GantNews.com

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5 Cool DIY Projects for Tech Enthusiasts – GantNews.com


Believe it or not, candle-making and quilting aren’t the only ways to show off how crafty you are. Sometimes, the best way to learn about something is with a hands-on approach. Those interested in new technology have a unique opportunity to get their hands dirty with do-it-yourself projects that will test their knowledge and abilities. Here are five cool DIY projects for tech enthusiasts who want to unify their interests.

Build Your Own Computer

Computers and laptops are almost necessary to participate in society these days. Virtually everyone has some experience with PCs, even if it’s as simple as browsing the internet. You can take this to the next level by constructing a computer on your own. To complete your project, you’ll need to invest in specific materials, like:

  • A central processing unit (CPU)
  • Circuit boards
  • RAM (memory)
  • Storage

Add Wi-Fi to Your Camera

Adding Wi-Fi to your DSLR is an easy way to get the most out of your camera. You’ll never forget to upload your crisp shots if you can transfer your photos straight to the internet. All you need is the right SD card to complete this upgrade. Alternatively, you can also pair your camera with your smartphone for easy editing and uploading.

Craft an Arcade Cabinet

This cool DIY project for tech enthusiasts is perfect for those with a knack for carpentry and electronics. Use your woodworking skills to recreate your favorite arcade game. You can build your own console or repurpose an old cabinet, armoire or table. In addition, you’ll need joysticks, buttons and HDMI cables to bring back the best parts of your youth.

Make a Streaming Dashboard Camera

We’ve all seen those incredible dashboard cam videos going viral on the internet. Join in on the trend by making a dashboard camera of your own. The easiest way to do this is by adding livestreaming technology to an old smartphone that you can mount to your dash. In addition to providing entertaining content, a dash cam can come in handy during accidents, so this project should be at the top of your list.

Transform Your Bike Into an E-Bike

Those who enjoy outdoor activities will love this opportunity to incorporate technology into their favorite mode of transportation: bicycling. You can easily convert your bike to an e-bike with a special e-bike conversion kit and a few common tools. Making an e-bike is a great way to mix up your commute while still enjoying your regular bike paths and trails.

Handiness and a love of technology do not have to be mutually exclusive. Try your hand at something new, and create a personalized gadget that fits your specific needs. Technology grows more and more advanced every day, so the possibilities are endless.

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