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DIY hacks: How to save more than £7,900 on your kitchen renovation

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DIY hacks: How to save more than £7,900 on your kitchen renovation


Property renovation projects can be costly, especially if homeowners are replacing major components like kitchen units. The average cost of a new kitchen is around £8,000 but not everyone has the budget to fork out thousands on a renovation. Experts at independent finance broker Norton Finance have researched cost-effective ways to improve homes on a budget.

From 49p bathroom hacks to saving more than £2,500 painting an entire house, there’s plenty for homeowners to get stuck into.

Save £7,900 on a kitchen makeover

Updating a kitchen with small, affordable changes can give it a new lease of life and add value without breaking the bank.

Some of the updates the experts found included repainting, sanding and replacing cupboard door handles.

Homeowners can sand, seal and repaint kitchen units for under £40 using a £15 sander, a £7 waterproof kitchen sealant, and a brush set for less than £4.

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Rather than ripping out the bathroom, paying for a cleaner or re-grouting, the experts suggest using neat bleach to give it a new lease of life.

For those with mildew spotting around the bath, shower or sink, homeowners can use bleach and cotton wool.

Ensure windows are open for ventilation and you are wearing rubber gloves.

Apply neat bleach with cotton wool and leave it to soak overnight on the area that needs attention.

For dirty grout, homeowners can use a small brush.

This should be done every six months to keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Calling in the professionals to replace bathroom sealants and to re-grout costs around £325.

Spend: 49p

Save: £324

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