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Environmental Mold LLC Helps Launch Breakthrough DIY Professional Mold Testing Kits

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Environmental Mold LLC Helps Launch Breakthrough DIY Professional Mold Testing Kits


Homeowners can now cut out the need for expensive consultants to test for mold. The new Mold Testing Kits are simple, effective, and affordable transforming the industry.

Mold can present serious health risks. This makes it a top homeowner priority to identify, and if mold is present, to then have it safely removed. Unfortunately, professional consultants who specialize in this area are extremely expensive, often costing thousands. The good news is a new solution is now available, that is both affordable and delivers dependable results. In a move that is certain to shake up the industry Environmental Mold LLC recently announced the launch of a new “Do It Yourself” DIY Professional Mold Testing Kit. These kits remove the need to hire expensive outside experts, allowing homeowners to test for mold themselves, saving a remarkable amount of money. President of the company Keith Harris has made available a free value driven video giving an inside look at this eye-opening product. Excitement surrounding the DIY Mold Testing Kits is high and rising.

“Today is a great day, We are so happy to announce finally a way to professionally test the mold/air within your home for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a company or consultant,” remarked Keith. “This is the solution many families have been looking for.”

Environmental Mold LLC has over two decades of experience as mold detection and removal professionals. The company understands the benefits that clean, pure air not being contaminated by mold can bring to a family, especially one with children or adults who suffer from respiratory issues.

Check out the free video on how to use the DIY Professional Mold Detection Kits here.

The early feedback for the breakthrough product has been completely positive.

Chris L., from California, recently said in a five-star review, “I am so impressed. Environmental Mold LLC saved me a huge amount of money with this DIY mold detection kit. When I was sure we had mold I was able to use the money I saved towards getting it handled. I totally recommend the kits 100%.”

For more information be sure to visit https://environmentalmoldllc.com.

About Environmental Mold LLC

Keith Harris, President, founded the company in 2002 after thirteen years (13) in the environmental industry. Mr. Harris holds the designations of CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) CMI (Certified Microbial Investigator) CMR (Certified Mold Remediator). Mr. Harris was also asked to help create industry guidelines and a Certification Exam for Mold Abatement. The book titled IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation was born and continues to be the most referenced guide in the industry today.

Mr. Harris became increasingly frustrated with the amount of “misinformation” being distributed by media organizations regarding “toxic mold.” Combine this with stories of people and companies getting ripped off by disreputable individuals and companies with little or no knowledge of environmental protocols while conducting dubious testing and clean-up activities. With that, Mr. Harris decided to start Environmental Mold Services. He saw a true need to provide clients with an environmental service company focused on educating the client of potential property and health hazards, providing clients with healthy living and working environments and a strategy for preventing potential problems should future circumstances arise. That is why it is our goal to provide the best Knowledge, Integrity, Service and Solutions in the industry to our clients.

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