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Role Model – Rx review

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Role Model – Rx review


We’re all bored of the classic love song by now, but luckily Role Model is also in the same boat. Finding traditional musical declarations of love “boring”, whilst his long-awaited debut album ‘Rx’ may be all about his relationship at its core, across its 11 tracks he challenges what a love song can be. Evident from the delicate opening declaration ‘die for my bitch’, to slow-burning sizzler ‘neverletyougo’, and the upbeat pure-pop bop ‘forever&more’, while he’s definitely feeling the love, Role Model explores his emotions in refreshing ways soundtracked by his alternative take on pop music. ‘Who Hurt You’ is infused with his love of rap music as he spits bars over its pop backing, and ‘Life Is Funny’ is a easy-breezy lyrical journey, while ‘Masturbation Song’ arrives as a tender love melody and ‘Strip Club Music’ poignantly delves into power dynamics over stripped-back beats, before closing tracks ‘Can You Say The Same’ and ‘Rx’ provide for Role Model to confront his inner-struggles. Brimming with emotion, from love songs to lamentations, Role Model’s long-awaited debut finds the pop star navigating life while falling in love, and is more than worth the wait.


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