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I’m a DIY pro – five tricks to spruce up every room in your home for less than £5

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I’m a DIY pro – five tricks to spruce up every room in your home for less than £5


IF money is tight but you’re looking at sprucing up your pad, there are still plenty of budget-friendly jobs you can do to freshen up your home.

In fact, the experts have shared a few must-try tricks that’ll cost you less than a fiver – and trust us, your home will never look better.

Adding lamps, plants, new bathroom fixtures  or cupboard handles will instantly change the look of your home


Adding lamps, plants, new bathroom fixtures or cupboard handles will instantly change the look of your home

Bathroom, kitchen and laundry

Freshen up your grouting

Over time, the grouting in your bathroom or kitchen will start to discolour – and there’s not much you can do to avoid it.

But rather than replace your tiles altogether, the experts at Toolstation suggest reviving your grout.

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“Grout reviver is easy to apply and can be picked up for less than a fiver,” they told Fabulous, and your bathroom will look as fresh as ever.

Change bathroom light pulls

There’s nothing more off-putting than a grimy, discoloured ceiling switch pull cord – if you have them, that is.

But for roughly £2 each, they can easily be replaced and you’ll be amazed by the impact it has.

Replace cupboard handles

Toni Trevillion, author of DIY On A Budget, who also founded a Facebook group of the same name, says new cupboard handles can completely change the look of your space.

“You can go from modern to traditional or vice-versa,” she told Fabulous.

“Use colours that contrast with the units, or make them all different for a truly original look.”

Update your fixtures

You might not think much of your toilet roll holder or even a soap dispenser, but Toni says it’s all in the details.

“Your bathroom fixtures can help complete the look you’re going for or update your bathroom to your unique style or to give it a modern lift and feel,” she said.

These small changes – including your loo roll holder, toothbrush holders, shelves or dispenser holders – will not only give your bathroom a lift but will help tie it all together.

Replace silicone

Much like your grout, the silicone around your sinks and showers will start to deteriorate over time.

But it’s easy to replace, and cheap too, with a tube of silicone sealant.

You can always try scrubbing yours up first using soapy water and bleach.

But if this fails, spend £5 and replace it yourself for a fresh new look.

Living room and bedroom

Replace broken lightbulbs

It’s amazing what mood lighting can do for your home so if you can’t afford the renovations you’ve been dreaming of, you can start by introducing some light.

“Having lots of blown lightbulbs can make your house look dingy and unwelcoming,” the experts from Toolshed said.

“Most lightbulbs come in at just a few pounds so this is easy to rectify.”

You can also try upgrading to LED bulbs which could even save you money on your energy bill.

Switch to lamps or strip lighting

Speaking of lighting, designers from Instrument Furniture agree lighting is everything – but forget about your standard ceiling lights.

“Ceiling lights are practical but contribute little to nothing to creating a cosy atmosphere in the room,” they said. “Switch them off and turn on the floor or table lamps instead.”

Another suggestion is LED strip lights which will instantly lift the mood of any room.

Try fitting them above and below kitchen cupboards and under the counters too so the ceiling, the backsplash and even the floor light up.

In the living room, you can install some LED strips behind your TV, underneath your cabinets, or behind the edges of a mirror or picture frame – the options are endless, really.

Reposition your furniture

Did you know that you can instantly transform your bedroom by simply moving your bed against the window? And the best part is, it’s completely free to do.

The expert designers said that by playing with the furniture you have and repositioning it, you might find yourself loving the space you’re in (say goodbye to pricey renovations).

Dye your fabrics

If you do find yourself sick of your sofa, carpets or rugs, you can always dye them a brand new colour.

“The easiest fabrics for DIY dyeing are chenille, velvet, wool, polyester and cotton,” Toni says.

“When dyeing carpets and rugs, don’t use machine/submersion dyes as these are not colourfast, instead, use an all-in-one liquid fabric dye.”

Indoor Plants

Whether you’re a nature lover or not, indoor plants will give your home a chic and cosy feel.

“Get luxurious vibes from peace lilies or choose spiralled lucky bamboos which can look sophisticated even in a plain glass of water,” the experts at Instrument Furniture said.

“You can buy two maybe even three small parlour palms for under a fiver and see them grow into stunning, room-hugging tropical plants over the years.”

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Bonus for pet owners and parents with small children as parlour palms are not toxic.

If you want to open up your space, try placing the plant in front of a mirror to visually double its volume.

You can get a new look kitchen with a few simple tricks under £5


You can get a new look kitchen with a few simple tricks under £5Credit: Getty

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