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Flowertruck share their “run and gun operation” DIY video for ‘Pretending’

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Flowertruck share their “run and gun operation” DIY video for ‘Pretending’


Flowertruck have shared a music video for their latest single ‘Pretending’, which was entirely shot, directed and edited by the band themselves.

The song was released last week to coincide with the announcement of the band’s second album, ‘Partly Cloudy’. It marked the third single to be lifted from the album, following 2020’s ‘Sing Along To Your Life’ and February’s ‘Crying Shame’.

The video was largely shot on a 360 camera, as well as the band’s phones, and was primarily shot on location at frontman Charles Rushforth’s house in Scarborough, on the south coast of New South Wales.

Watch the video below:

In a press statement, the band explained that the clip was made as a parody of “quintessential social media moments”.

“You know how every now and then, your social media decides to spit out a random photo of your ex, or an old friend that maybe you didn’t want to be reminded of?” they said. “It always feels like a bit of a cruel joke veiled as a happy memory, when more often not it’s a memory that we’d rather forget.

“We wanted to create a music video which puts the band inside some of these moments that now feel like the happiness has been a little drained out of.”

The band went on to explain how most of the clip was shot by Rushforth, guitarist David Gauci and drummer Will Blackburn in an afternoon. Keyboardist Sarah Sykes was in Europe at the time, sending self-shot footage from her trip to be included in the video. Of particular prominence was a 360-degree camera – which, according to the band, “went everywhere”.

“It was a total run and gun operation,” they said. “We had [the camera] duct taped to drum stands, we slapped it on a hills hoist and on to the hood of David’s car. For the opening shot, Charles ran through the local bottle-o – his old workplace – with the camera shoved in his mouth. You’ve never seen us from these angles before, and we’re not sure if you wanted to, but here it is.”

Flowertruck will perform in Wollongong this weekend as part of the free Last Light festival, playing at the city’s Five Barrel Brewery on Saturday night.

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