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Beautiful Fanmade Flareon Doll Brings Pokémon’s Eevee Evolution To Life

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Beautiful Fanmade Flareon Doll Brings Pokémon’s Eevee Evolution To Life


A talented Pokémon fan has brought Flareon to life as a plush doll, with a tutorial video helping fellow fans recreate the impressive build.

A gorgeous fan-made Pokémon doll brings Flareon to life in breathtaking detail, and a tutorial video shows how it was made. The foxy Fire-type Pokémon is one of Eevee’s various different elemental evolutions, alongside other creatures like Vaporeon and Jolteon. Fans often pay tribute to the Pokémon franchise through impressive fan projects, like a realistic fluffy Eevee doll, and now Flareon has been transformed into an adorably detailed doll too.


With more than 900 different species of pocket monster currently revealed, the Pokémon franchise provides plenty of opportunities for both official and fan-made plush dolls. Iconic creatures like Pikachu, Charizard and Eevee have been sold as merchandise for years, but particularly crafty fans prefer to create their own interpretations of their favorite Pokémon species. While official Pokémon merchandise largely sticks to the franchise’s anime artstyle, fan creations also have the opportunity to render pocket monsters from an entirely new perspective. The realistic Eevee doll created by KaypeaCreations, for example, renders the Evolution Pokémon in a fascinating lifelike style. Meanwhile, a fan-made Hisuian Typhlosion plush renders the intimidating creature in a more cartoonish lens.

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Reddit user and talented DIY sculptor umbratundra recently created an amazingly realistic Flareon doll, and a YouTube tutorial video from UmbraTundra reveals the crafting process. The finished product is simply breathtaking, with the Flame Pokémon’s orange fur and breathtaking blue eyes recreated in stunning detail. UmbraTundra’s video tutorial breaks the 30 hours creation process down to only 20 minutes, making it easy for fellow fans to follow along and build the amazing doll themselves. UmbraTundra’s Reddit post, and the YouTube tutorial video, can both be found below:

Flareon Steps Right Out Of The Games & Into Reality

While fan-made creations let Pokémon fans show off their talent and dedication to the franchise, official merchandise like a life-size Lucario plush doll can be equally impressive. Standing at an amazing four feet tall, the cozy recreation of the Aura Pokémon is fully posable and can even stand on its own when posed correctly. The Lucario doll is available for pre-order now with an estimated release in February 2023. This official plush joins a large lineup of other amazing Pokémon dolls like a four-foot Inteleon, plush versions of the three Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokémon and a Gengar doll with a five-foot tongue.

Flareon is among the most popular of Eevee’s many evolutions, and now UmbraTundra has brought the fiery fox to life in exquisite detail. The Pokémon plush’s flaming orange hair was applied by hand with care, and its shiny blue eyes are expertly applied to complete the DIY tribute. UmbraTundra even released a tutorial video, allowing other Pokémon fans to follow along and create their own Flareon companion.

Sources: umbratundra/Reddit, UmbraTundra/YouTube

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