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Kynsy – Something To Do With Love review

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Kynsy – Something To Do With Love review


Kynsy’s world is one bursting with colour and brimming with authenticity. The Irish newcomer’s second EP is a boisterous collection of tracks, vivid and playful – an intoxicating glimpse into her artistic vision. Opening with the swirling electronics of ‘Point Of You’, she’s dispirited by past lovers – their rejection leading Kynsy to reevaluate her priorities. “Oh I could say please / Be my baby / But what’s the point in that?”. Its punky tension is infectious, leading the listener hand in hand into her emotional turmoil. Written on the cusp of 2022, ‘New Year’ is a barbed, charged anthem. Crackling guitar melodies crash off one another in a frenzied fashion, capturing the flurry of thoughts and potential resolutions scuttling through the brain on the cusp of a new year. Working with alt-J regular Charlie Andrew throughout the project, you can hear Kynsy’s wide range of influences pouring through the pores of the project. David Bowie’s eclecticism, the Beatles’ romantic gestures and The Strokes’ raging riffs – it’s an amalgamation of the old and the new.


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