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Alora Paints elevates DIY home adventures by offering stress-free painting experience | Press Releases | Asia

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Alora Paints elevates DIY home adventures by offering stress-free painting experience | Press Releases | Asia


Direct-to-consumer paint brand Alora Paints is taking the pain out of home painting by reimagining the customer journey from start to finish.

Curating earth-friendly, premium-quality wall paint in modern hues, the young startup speaks to today’s breed of enthusiastic home DIYers and eco-warriors who are keen to roll up their sleeves to achieve their dream interior themselves.

From the moment consumers search for the perfect colour palette to where the fun begins when they apply that fresh coat of paint, Alora has carefully considered every element of the home painting process to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Simplifying the painting journey through its seamless digital sales channel at www.alorapaints.com, Alora offers accessible paints and supplies that are designed to be easy to use. The result: consumers can unleash their inner DIY warrior for an inspiring home makeover.

A friendly disrupter in the paints industry

Says Adrian Kok, Chief Executive Officer of Alora Paints: “We seek to rewrite the rules of home painting in Singapore. The traditional in-store experience of buying paints at a hardware store can be cumbersome and overwhelming for end-consumers. By moving this experience online, we give consumers a hassle-free way to get everything they need to refresh their walls – all from the comfort of their own homes.”

“We’ve also put a lot of thought into the design and curation of our products so that home painting can be easier, faster and smoother for consumers. Whether you’re a novice home DIY enthusiast or a veteran home improvement expert, Alora Paints makes it easy to spruce up your homes and inject life to your walls,” he adds.

Goodbye old-school, hello digital! Seamless online shopping provides one-stop solutions for consumers’ painting needs

Offering DIY aficionados a more consumer-centric experience in buying paints, tools, and accessories, Alora’s digital sales channel at www.alorapaints.com is designed make purchasing paints and supplies seamless and convenient.

Easy to navigate, it also has an online paint calculator, reusable sample swatches, ready-to-use kits and premium service. The platform incorporates an easy-to-use online paint calculator so consumers can estimate the right amount of paint needed.

Consumers who are too busy or not keen on painting themselves can opt to book Alora’s value-added painting services. Alora also provides hassle-free delivery services, allowing consumers to skip that physical trip to the hardware store and avoid having to lug home cans of paint themselves.

Thoughtfully designed products and carefully curated options to inspire your next home makeover

From colour samples and choices to product design, here’s how Alora allows consumers to rejuvenate their walls with ease.

  • Specially-curated designer colours reduce the paradox of choice: Too many colour choices can make the decision-making process stressful. That’s why less is more at Alora. With popular shades such as the pearly pink hues of Milk Tea or the sun-kissed light blue undertones of Morning Calm, Alora offers a palette of 39 colours that has been carefully selected to resonate with consumers.
  • Sample swatches allow consumers to easily visualise various colour palettes on their walls: Consumers can sometimes find it can be difficult to choose colours online as they’re concerned that what’s shown on the screen may not match the actual paint. Alora’s customers have the option to purchase paint sample swatches to preview the exact shade and texture of paint on their walls before buying the actual paint. Easy to use, the peel-and-stick swatches are mess-free, easily removable and made with real paint.
  • Products incorporate thoughtful features to make painting a breeze: For example, Alora’s angled paintbrushes make it easier to paint clean lines and wall edges while telescopic paint rollers enable consumers to paint ceilings of various heights and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Optimal-sized paint cans avoids wastage: Alora offers paint in various sizes including 2.5L paint cans which contain sufficient paint for a feature wall in a HDB unit. This minimises wastage and saves costs.
  • Bundled painting kits take the guesswork out of what painting supplies to buy: From mini rollers and paint brushes to metal trays and paint stirring sticks, having the right tools is essential to give walls that professional-looking makeover. For consumers who don’t know where to start, Alora has put together bundled painting kits to make things easier – choose from 11-piece paint kits for larger projects to smaller 6-piece paint kits.

A better-quality paint made for eco-warriors and healthy homes

Alora’s premium quality paints come in matte, satin and gloss finishes. Easy to apply, they allow for strong colour retention, a superior appearance and offer just the right consistency for complete coverage.

Not only are Alora Paints carefully formulated with the health of the planet in mind, they are also safe for human health. The paints are water-based, eco-friendly, and designed with a No Odour Formula and near zero VOC. They meet rigorous environmental standards and also keep the air fresh in homes.

Leftover Alora Paints can be mixed with Alora Paint Hardener so they can be disposed of responsibly in household trash without polluting the environment. Dry, empty containers can be dropped off in recycling bins.

About Alora Paints

Singapore-based Alora Paints makes home decorating projects affordable, earth-friendly and beautifully successful. A carbon-neutral paint company, we offer an incredibly simple way to shop for paints and supplies online. From eco-friendly, premium paints to reusable swatch stickers and DIY painting kits, we empower our digital native customers to shop online anywhere, anytime.

We are committed to making the world better by improving the spaces in which communities live, work and play. Our paints are eco-friendly and designed with a no odour formula and near zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Not only are they kinder to the environment, but they are also safer for everyone. At Alora, we adopt environmentally sustainable business practices, weaving them into every aspect of the company from manufacturing to packaging.

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