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Woman’s DIY Aldi grazing table saves her nearly $900

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Woman’s DIY Aldi grazing table saves her nearly $900


In a creative display of cost-cutting, a resourceful woman has taken matters into her own hands by crafting an impressive grazing table using mainly products from Aldi.

By doing so, she managed to save herself a whopping $800 compared to the $1,000 quote she received for a professional grazing table.

Sharing her achievement in a Facebook group dedicated to Aldi Mums, she explained her motivation for taking on the task, stating, “We were quoted $1,000 for a grazing table, so I decided to do it myself.”

Grazing table created using Aldi Products

The DIY grazing table cost a mere fraction of the cost quoted by a professional. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Mums

To the astonishment of her fellow Aldi enthusiasts, she revealed that every single item on her grazing table was sourced from Aldi, with the exception of the cake, cookies, cob loaves, and slices. The total cost was a mere $168, a fraction of the original quote. Incredibly, it took her just two hours to bring the spread to life.

Her post was met with resounding praise from the Aldi community, with group members wowed by what can be achieved on a budget.


“This looks amazing,” one person wrote, with another adding: “So professional and probably has a lot more yummy things than professionals would provide too!”

One enthusiastic member of the group even suggested the grazing table resembled the work of a professional caterer. In response to this praise, another member humorously quipped, “And I bet it would have cost the caterers $168 too, and they’d charge you $1,000.”

The post initiated a conversation within the group regarding the fees charged by professional caterers, generating a shared sentiment of disapproval towards their exorbitant prices.

One member passionately voiced their frustration, stating, “$1,000! Nice try!”

“I hate when they pull prices like that on people. It’s absolute robbery,” agreed another.

Aldi sign

All of the products she used were from Aldi. Photo: Getty Images

Others chimed in emphasising the substantial savings that can be achieved through do-it-yourself projects.

For those hoping to achieve similar results, one member of the group shared some helpful suggestions to enhance the visual appeal of future DIY grazing tables.

“Be a bit messier, don’t lay in rows,” she suggested, “add some height in the back areas using wooden boards on top of cups.”

To further elevate the overall appeal, she recommended incorporating greenery and using an assortment of bowls in various shapes and sizes.

“It’s all about layering,” she concluded.

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