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DIY Your Own Air Conditioning Ductwork With Just Trash Bags

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DIY Your Own Air Conditioning Ductwork With Just Trash Bags


For this hack by @_sami_2_scoops_ on TikTok, start by gathering your trash bags on the floor. Cut off the ends to open up the ends of the trash bags. Ensemble them in a long line together, making them connect slightly. Using sellotape or duct tape, tape the connecting sections together. Flip it and repeat on the opposite side to effectively create a sellotape seal around the connecting sections of the trash bags. Check out that handiwork! Just make sure that the sellotape is firmly secured. 

Now for the exciting part. The last thing you need to do is connect it to your air conditioning unit. You can do so by taping it around the vent where the air comes out. If you want to connect it to a specific room, simply attach it to your ceiling and guide it into your desired room. However, if you’re using this regularly, you should ensure that you clean your air conditioner

The reason that this hack works so well all comes down to the trash bags, as they help to funnel and guide the air to a particular area, essentially keeping different areas of your home cool. Without them, the cool air your air conditioner generates wouldn’t reach as far.

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