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This Brilliant IKEA Kallax Hack Will Totally Transform Your Living Room

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This Brilliant IKEA Kallax Hack Will Totally Transform Your Living Room


The gist of this DIY idea is to use doors and decorative hardware to take a standard Kallax shelf from boring to stunning. Depending on your skill set and resources, there are a few ways to create attractive doors. If you’re confident in your woodworking abilities — kudos to you if so — you can go ahead and make your own wooden cabinet doors in any style you wish and secure them with hinges, as demonstrated by TikTok user @asiazech. For a more readymade strategy, purchase IKEA’s Kallax Door Inserts, which are little boxes with doors that fit inside the Kallax shelves, instantly creating a door for each cubby shelf. If you get the door inserts, don’t just leave them plain — there are several decorative details you can add to level up your Kallax shelf, even if you don’t have any furniture-making experience. 

You can keep things simple and paint the doors in a chic color, or you can experiment with new materials, such as adding a layer of woven cane or a border of wood molding. Aside from the color and texture of the doors, hardware goes a long way in giving a Kallax shelf a fresh look. For a sleek, modern vibe, use minimalist metallic handles. Give your cabinet an extra touch of elegance by attaching metal feet to the bottom, as well. The finished product will be a refined, cohesive cabinet. 

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