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Sundara Karma – Better Luck Next Time review • DIY Magazine

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Sundara Karma – Better Luck Next Time review • DIY Magazine


Sundara Karma’s third could well act as a rallying cry for 2010s indie kids; a call to fish out those checked trousers and Dr Martens. Between the Reading outfit’s 2017 debut ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ and now, the foursome have tried on many weird and whimsical hats – and impressively, they’ve all fit. Here, they find comfort in the past, standout ‘Wishing Well’ a contemplation on lost lovers and lives. Frontman Oscar Pollock’s introspection crescendos in ‘Violence To The Spirit’, an epic stream of consciousness that he follows with boundless energy. These are, of course, songs written for the live arena, with a playful mastery of dynamic once again on show. Charming and nostalgic – both for the band and long-time listeners – ‘Better Luck Next Time’ is like a hug from a warm blanket. Albeit one that smells faintly of dark fruits cider.

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