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How To Build An Indoor Plant Wall According To HGTV’s Good Bones

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How To Build An Indoor Plant Wall According To HGTV’s Good Bones


As with any project, you’ll first need to determine the materials required to complete the DIY. Laine and Starsiak Hawk used a short list of materials for their plant wall. Tool-wise, only a drill was necessary to secure the planters to the wall. When choosing which type of planters to use, the “Good Bones” stars selected a rectangular gridded planter with ten squares, but this is undoubtedly a flexible area. If you want something similar to Laine and Starsiak Hawk, Amazon has gridded planters with 12 potting pockets for $29.12. How many you’ll need to purchase depends on the surface area of the wall that’s being covered.

For anyone well-versed in woodworking, making your planters can take this DIY further and might be more cost-efficient. Even pallets could be used, and you may find some for free or cheap at local hardware stores. Regardless of what kind of planters you choose, they will need to fit measurements for your wall, and you will need a way to secure them. The mother and daughter team used wall brackets, similar to these from Amazon, to allow their plants to hang on the wall easily. Other than brackets, you could go for a more permanent placement option, such as drilling the planter directly into the wall if you have large enough screws like these from Ace Hardware. Lastly, you’ll need to decide which plants you’d like to include on your wall, whether real or faux.

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