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DIY your own coffee table

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DIY your own coffee table


Picture: Pexels

The hunt for the perfect coffee table is officially over! There’s nothing better than the pride that comes from creating your own furniture. Make your own coffee table with these easy D.I.Y steps. Easily customisable, it can fit into any space, without any hassles!


  • Round tray (we used a 45 cm here)
  • 2x 15 mm copper tube
  • Cut to: 8×15,5 cm 2×32 cm
  • 2x copper tube 22 mm
  • Cut to: 4×3 cm; 4×23 cm; 4x 10 cm
  • 8x red copper t-joint: 2×22 mm X 1×15 mm ends (A)
  • 8x red copper socket 22 mm (B)
  • 4x red copper t-joint 3×15 mm ends (C)
  • Tube strong glue adhesive


  • Tube cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint and varnish
  • Silk gloss paint in your choice of colour
  • Clear lacquer spray paint specially for copper
  • Flat brush with synthetic fibre
  • Grey metal primer spray paint
Make your own coffee table tools

Photo: Bart Brussee

How to put together the copper coffee table base

  1. If you have a tray with a diameter of 45 cm, use the measuring tape to measure the right distances of the copper tube as mentioned above. Cut to size with the tube cutter.
  2. First, put together the 4 legs with the 22 mm copper tube. B + 10 cm + A + 23 cm + A + 3 cm + B
  3. Then put together the 4 connecting pieces in between the legs from tube size 15 mm (15,5 cm + C + 15,5 cm)
  4. Connect these 4 connecting joints with two 15 mm copper tubes of 32 cm
  5. Glue the connecting parts, the t-joints and the sockets together with the Bison max repair glue.
  6. Read the manual well before glueing. (Apply the glue only on one side)
  7. If you prefer to change the colour of the tray (as done in the picture) first spray paint the tray with a metal primer, then paint (with spray paint or a brush) the tray in the preferred colour.

To give the copper its ultimate shine, it can be polished with Brasso copper polish.

Or alternatively to keep the shine, degrease the copper tubes and paint the tubes and joints with a special copper lacquer.

Compiled by: Meagan-Leigh Jacobs

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