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Warm & Fluffy DIY Bun Maska Recipe Worth Trying At Home

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Warm & Fluffy DIY Bun Maska Recipe Worth Trying At Home


Imagine a soft and sweet bun that is slit along the middle and then slathered with a generous amount of butter aka ‘maska’. ‘Maska’ for the unversed is a homemade mixture of butter that is prepared to add the crowning glory to the sweetened buns.

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Dipping the buns into a hot and steaming cup of tea or what is called ‘chai’ in Hindi is the ultimate snack combination to brighten up your evenings. So what are you waiting for? Just enjoy the vibe of a classic Mumbai style sweet raisin or tutti-frutti laden bun with a hot cuppa tea and indulge in some serious gourmet nostalgia.

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How To Make The Easy Peasy Bun Maska Recipe:

  • Cut the sweet bun across the middle and keep it aside.
  • Now take a bowl and mix butter, cream and raisins or tutti-frutti together in it.
  • Mix well until the mixture turns soft and fluffy.
  • Now generously apply the butter mix on the inside of the sweet bun.
  • Next, put the bun back together.
  • Finally, serve the bun maska with a hot cup of tea!




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