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I restored my curls using a DIY hair mask that’s been passed through three generations

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I restored my curls using a DIY hair mask that’s been passed through three generations


A WOMAN with “gorgeous” hair has shared how she uses a homemade hair mask, containing three unlikely ingredients, to restore shine.

Neha Chudary recently bleached and straightened her hair, so decided it was in need of some organic TLC.

The organic hair mask has been passed through Neha’s family for three generationsCredit: nehachudaryy
She creates it using three food itemsCredit: nehachudaryy

She says her recipe, which is exclusively made up of food items, has been passed down her family for three generations. 

It contains a glug of olive oil, three spoons of plain yoghurt and one egg, all mixed together into a yellow-ish liquid.

“Bring back my damaged curls with a homemade hair mask,” Neha penned over a TikTok video applying the mask.  

The content creator sections her hair, runs the mask through it and then plaits the sections to lock the concoction in. 

However, she warned that it “has a heavy yoghurt smell”.

For the mask to work, it has to be left in for an hour.

Neha washes it out with Olaplex No4 Shampoo and No5 Conditioner. 

The finished result is bouncy and shiny ringlets, which viewers of her tutorial dubbed “gorgeous” and “hair goals”. 

However, some were quick to warn against “scrambled egg hair”.

With raw egg in your hair, it may cook if the water from your shower is too hot. 

That means you’ll have to wash the cooked egg out of your hair, which is much trickier than doing so in its liquidy raw form. 

You can avoid getting scrambled egg hair by washing the mask out with cold water. 

“Guys, make sure to wash out with cold water so the eggs don’t cook in your hair,” one viewer warned. 

“It’s really easy for them to cook in warm water too because of the steam from the shower,” another added. 

“So yeah, I really recommend washing it out with cold water.”

Neha’s video has totted up a whopping 16 million views. 

She admits that her “hair gets her views” as is happy to share her beauty secrets.

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