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Make These DIY Solutions Made With Simple Kitchen Ingredients To Clear Shower Heads

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Make These DIY Solutions Made With Simple Kitchen Ingredients To Clear Shower Heads


With time, our shower heads often accumulate mineral and salt deposits which can clog the pores and affect the water pressure and quality. If you are tired of scrubbing them frequently, here’s how you can make them clean and shiny once again with a few kitchen ingredients at home.

How to clean your shower head at home using these simple kitchen ingredients. Pic Credit: Canva

Taking a nice, cool shower is perhaps one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day at work. Standing underneath the cool, running water as it washes off the tiredness sets the perfect tone for the rest of the day. However, what if you turn the faucet on only to realize that the water pressure isn’t enough for your much-deserved relaxing shower?

Over time, mineral deposits, dirt, and grease among others form a layer of deposits across the pores due to frequent contact with the water. While it may seem harmless to you at first, these deposits form a thick layer with time and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which can cause skin infections and diseases.

Instead of running to the store to buy products infused with harmful chemicals that not only corrode the metal but can also negatively impact the environment, you can grab some ingredients easily found in your kitchen to prepare some homemade solutions that can do the trick just fine. Let’s take a look at three such solutions:

1) Salt and Lemon Juice

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