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A DIY enthusiast’s posh apartment building

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A DIY enthusiast’s posh apartment building


 Dr Lynn Kanyuuru: A DIY enthusiast’s posh apartment building.

Dr Lynn Kanyuuru is a multifaceted individual, seamlessly blending her roles as a medical doctor, businesswoman, and creative force. 

During her time in Kenya, she devoted herself to saving lives as a doctor by day. By night, she channelled her creative energy into her brainchild, The DIY Studio, where she immersed herself in the world of do-it-yourself projects, passionately pursuing her creative endeavours.

Dr Lynn’s love for DIY stems from her personal experiences. Living in an apartment, she felt compelled to create The DIY Studio to avoid disturbing her neighbours with spray paints and noisy activities.

This dedicated space provides her with the necessary tools and supplies for woodworking, fluid art, paper crafting, resin art, vinyl art, sewing, baking and cement works.

Curious to explore her world, we visited Dr Lynn’s upscale posh apartment. A sign at her door whimsically proclaimed, “Welcome to a home of chaos,” setting the tone for the unique experience ahead. Another sign urged guests to wash their hands, emphasising Dr Lynn’s penchant for order.

Entering her home, I marvelled at Dr. Lynn’s meticulous attention to detail. The spacious and cosy interior, adorned with art from her global travels, radiated luxury and comfort. Her living room was supremely elegant and airy, the white walls and expansive windows a breath of fresh air.

Her open kitchen featured modern fitted appliances, labelled containers, and a clever hydrator for efficient vegetable drying, minimising wastage.

Glass-fronted cupboards for glasses set above the granite worktop looked incredible. When she opened one of her shelves it had a blackboard with the food menu of the week articulated with the neatest handwriting ever.

The apartment was superiorly spacious and cosy evoking a luxurious comfort. The combination of bamboo and wooden flooring added an exquisite touch, harmonising with a mahogany bespoke dining table and chairs.

The expansive huge windows in her living room gave a perfect view of Nairobi suburbs. The living room exuded elegance, with white walls showcasing art treasures from around the world. Her sink-in brown luxurious velvet sofa set was irresistible, giving her space a sophisticated and inviting look and feel.

Dr Lynn’s collection of souvenirs, portraits, and art pieces adorned floating shelves, creating a captivating visual narrative. Notable pieces included an intricately embroidered table mat from India and an awe-inspiring artwork painted by an elephant in India, skilfully guided by a trainer.

I was not convinced and she had to convince me how an animal can do an exquisite painting.

“This piece was painted by an elephant in India, under the guidance of a trainer,’’ she said.

A Mayan calendar that I could not interpret looked so exotic and exquisite. In her well-designed space, Dr. Lynn’s balcony showcased a charming mix of plants and vegetables in adorable pots.

As our conversation unfolded, Dr Lynn pointed out a hammer displayed on a shelf, symbolising her love since 2014. “This signifies our love with my partner since 2014,’’ she said.

Her office seamlessly merged science and art, reflecting her diverse roles. Dr. Lynn’s time management skills, essential as a businesswoman and employee, were a testament to her efficiency. Since then, Dr. Lynn has undergone significant changes. She has relocated to Tanzania due to a job transition, and regrettably, she decided to close down The DIY Studio.

However, our curiosity persists, and we plan to catch up with her in Tanzania to explore how her new living space looks and feels. Stay tuned for updates on her latest endeavours and the evolution of her creative living spaces. 

– For a closer look at Dr Lynn’s fascinating world, catch the episode on the KTN YouTube channel.

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