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 5 best DIY ‘Day of the Dead’ Makeup Looks

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 5 best DIY ‘Day of the Dead’ Makeup Looks


Day of the Dead, the new makeup trend on the roll may sound very skeptical, but it’s interesting! Coming November this facial makeover trend reflects the three main themes of Día de los Muertos inspired by Mexican-American artists and designers’ makeup looks. Indeed, there are key differences between these phrases and their origins.

Beginning on November 1 and lasting until dawn on November 2, Da de los Muertos is a time when people honor their departed loved ones by dressing in elaborate Day of the Dead makeup that requires weeks of preparation.

Judith Bautista, aka Kahlovera, a Mexican-American artist specializing in this specific makeover, and LA-based fashion designer Lily Martinez, who assembles Día de los Muertos-inspired looks year-round, exemplify this makeover.

Concerning the same, Judith Bautista said:

“Día de los Muertos is a day to honor your ancestors and your deceased loved ones and to welcome them back with altars of their favorite things, pictures, candles, and marigolds.”

5 of the Best Day of the Dead Makeup Ideas

Fall holidays, the perfect instance for celebration, emphasize the Día de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead. Before diving deep into the pit fire of the Day of the Dead makeup, it’s worth remembering that this trend is nowhere related to Halloween.

The same neither epitomizes any attire but does the same for something else. Judith Bautista added:

“You display their favorite foods and tell stories of memories tied to that person who passed away.”

Check out the 5 best Day of the Dead (easily DIY) makeup looks.

1) ‘Sunflower’ Day of the Dead Makeover

Choose this ‘sunflower’ Day of the Dead makeover if you want to seem charming but don’t want to paint the entire face or body.

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Apply a white base on the entire face and ensure precise coverage.
  • Make fine outlines of the sunflower petals near the eyes, advancing toward the temples with water-resistant black eyeliner.
  • Make the petals in deep yellow and orange-hued face stains, mixing them for a gradient impact.
  • Go for petal detailing with a fine-tipped makeup brush, like slender black-hued lines and dots.
  • Draw the stems and leaves with a green face stain, counting on their dimensions with opaquer hues.
  • Conclude this makeover with black eyeliner, eye-defining mascara for illustrated eyes, and a hint of red lip stain, adding a pop of color.

2) ‘Vibrant’ Day of the Dead Makeover

This incredible Día de los Muertos makeup look is aided by artistic detailing and illustrious embellishments. This next-level Day of the Dead makeover requires skillful hands because it includes face jewels, stunning eyelashes, and lots of glossy blue eyeshadow.

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Apply a white base on the entire face with a makeup sponge or a fan brush.
  • Create minute designs using kaleidoscopic and bold colors like orange, pink, and purple all around the eyes and cheeks.
  • Highlight these design details with black eyeliner for a spiderweb effect all around the eyes.
  • For a skull-like effect on the nose, mouth, and jawline, use black and white-hued face stain.
  • Conclude this makeover with multicolored blooms and jewels on the forehead and crown.

3) ‘Embellished’ Day of the Dead Makeover

This enchanting makeup decals and elaborations make it stand out, for instance, standing around the eyes and along the rise of the nose.

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Start with a clean face and cover the face with a good foundation.
  • Use black eyeliner and extended mascara to highlight the eyes.
  • Then, emphasize the eye areas and the forehead with a pink face stain. Curl the lashes or put false lashes for a panoramic effect.
  • To follow up, add pops of color with energetic eyeshadows and glitter stones.
  • With black-hued liquid face paint, draw a skeleton nose and mouth.
  • Conclude with rhinestones and gemstones for a breathtaking embellished makeover.

4) ‘Half-Skull’ Day of the Dead Makeover

This attention-grabbing Day of the Dead makeover brings a gentler tack as it is a half-face design. One can choose to wear something uncomplicated on the other side of the face, such as winged eyeliner and red lipstick.

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Apply a white face color to create a base, and outline half a skull with a black face color.
  • Fill the outline with black face color, leaving half of the face.
  • With a fine-tip paintbrush add detailed elements such as teeth, cracks, and related shades.
  • Follow up with multicolored floral layouts around the head.
  • Complete this makeover with black-tint eyeliner, eyelash-extending mascara, and bright red lip stain. Highlight the painted portion with rhinestones and gemstones.

5) ‘Elaborate’ Day of the Dead Makeover

This makeover is not for the newbies, but if someone wants to try their hands and have loads of patience, this has an incredible payoff. All one requires is a face paint palette and a handful of face detailing brushes to give this makeover some vibe!

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Mix white face paint as a base color on a clean, moisturized face evenly.
  • With black and blue paint, create intricate skeleton designs on the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Make colorful accents like flowers, hearts, and spiderwebs using fine-tipped paintbrushes.
  • Give the eyes a dramatic look with black eyeliner and eye-lash-building mascara.
  • Paint the lips with blue-tinted face paint, mimicking the skeleton teeth.
  • For the makeover longevity, set the makeup with translucent powder and a makeup setting spray.

With room for creative interpretation, these traditions and celebrations are deep-rooted in the cultural past. One can stick to the rudimentary elements of Día de los Muertos‘ Day of the Dead makeover to celebrate life.

Martinez further added:

“It’s not about fear or anything scary. It’s about life, but they just happen to be in another space.”

With that in mind, these 5 best DIY show-stopping illustrations of this makeover are sure to motivate.

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